Donald Trump asks Alex Rodríguez for advice on how to stop the coronavirus

Donald Trump Asks Alex Rodríguez For Advice On How To Stop The Coronavirus

New York – United States President Donald Trump contacted former New York Yankees baseball team captain Alex Rodriguez, nicknamed A-Rod and current partner of artist Jennifer Lopez, to ask for advice on how to wage the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Information indicating that the US president asked Rodríguez for advice on the fight against the coronavirus originally appeared on

The details of the conversation are unknown, nor is it known why President Trump approached an ex-player who is not a doctor or an epidemiologist, although he is very popular for his sports career and for his relationship with the Puerto Rican singer and actress Jennifer López.


Some hypotheses indicate that, because Rodríguez has become a corporate figure in New York, perhaps he could have in Trump’s opinion an interesting vision of the country’s economic situation.

Alex Rodríguez donated money in 2016 to the campaign of the Democrat Hillary Clinton, who then competed for the US presidency against the Republican Trump.



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