Donald Trump Asks To Stop The Political Trial On The Eve Of His Start In The Senate – LA TRIBUNA

Washington, Jan. 12 (EFE) .- US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the political trial against him should not begin and that the Supreme Court should stop him, days before the planned start in the Senate of that process related to the pressures of the president to Ukraine.

"You shouldn't even let this sa impeachment’ Farsa begin. " I haven't done ANYTHING wrong, ”Trump wrote on his Twitter account.

The president published a link to a video in which his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, argued that the Supreme Court should declare the political trial unconstitutional, and thus prevent it from being held, a concept that Trump seemed to support, by including in his tweet the comment "great idea".


However, it is very unlikely that the Supreme Court decides to get into the dispute between the legislative and executive powers, and it is not entirely clear that it has the power to do so in this case.

Meanwhile, the president of the Lower House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, avoided clarifying when exactly she will take over from the Senate in the process against Trump, after announcing on Friday that this week she would send the political positions to the Upper House.

What Pelosi clarified is that on Tuesday he will meet with the members of his party to decide when the charges are sent and who will be the "managers of impeachment" in English, the members of that chamber that will act as prosecutors in the dismissal process .

"We will decide at our meeting when we send them," Pelosi explained in an interview with ABC News.

Once these articles are sent, the political trial will be launched quickly in the Senate, as soon as Wednesday, although the first days are likely to be dedicated to the preparation of the process.

Pelosi defended his decision today to delay several weeks of sending Senate charges against Trump, approved by the lower house on December 18, in order to pressure Republicans to convene key witnesses in the process.

"Now the ball is in its field: either they do that or they pay the price," said Pelosi, who hinted that this price could be noticed at the polls during the November elections.

The Democratic leader did not rule out issuing a subpoena to testify the former national security advisor, John Bolton, if the Senate does not; Nor did he leave the table to push for more political charges against Trump in the future.

He also warned that Republicans would incur a "cover-up" if they dismiss the charges against Trump before initiating the political trial, an idea that conservatives have considered but is unfeasible, because it would take two thirds of the votes in the chamber .

The political trial against Trump will be based on two charges, those of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, related to his pressures on Ukraine to investigate one of his possible rivals in the 2020 elections, former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to the Democratic opposition, Trump conditioned the delivery of almost 400 million dollars in aid to Ukraine and also the scheduling of a meeting with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, to his demand that Kiev announce that he planned to investigate Biden.

Democrats are unlikely to gather the two-thirds majority needed to oust Trump, given that Republicans control 53 of the one hundred seats in the Senate and none of them have turned against the president.



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