Donald Trump, At The Time Of The Vote In Congress: “Can You Believe That I Will Be Sent To Trial By The Radical Left? Pray! ”

Donald Trump said Wednesday in his Twitter account about the process of political trial against him, initiated by the opposition that controls the House of Representatives, and considered that the result will be unfavorable.

“You may believe that today I will be sent to trial by the radical left, the Democrats who do nothing, AND I DID NOTHING BAD! A terrible thing, ”lamented the president, who again asked to review the summary released by the White House on the call with the Ukrainian president who unleashed the investigation, since he thinks the text exempts him from suspicion.

“This should never happen to another president again. Pray a prayer! ”He added.


The lower house, controlled by the Democratic opposition, will decide at the end of the afternoon, after a session of about six hours, if it approves the accusations of "abuse of power" and "obstruction to the work of Congress" against the president.

On the eve, Trump sent an extensive letter to Nancy Pelosi, the head of the House, who she accused of "undermining US democracy" with the impeachment process. For the president, the vote in the lower house is "nothing more than an attempt at an illegal and partisan coup d'etat" motivated by resentment, accusing the Democrats of being "unable to accept the verdict of the polls."

According to conteros made by several US media, Trump is emerging to be sent to political trial by the House of Representatives, where most lawmakers are in favor of continuing voting. In recent hours, a group of moderate-wing Democrats confirmed that it supports the initiative, despite the political cost it may have with its constituents in states that support Trump.

The impeachment divides the population: 45% want Trump to be removed (77% among Democratic voters) while 47% oppose, according to a CNN poll.



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