Donald Trump Becomes The First President To March Against Abortion

United States.- President Donald Trump said Friday that it was a "deep honor" to be the first president to attend the annual meeting against abortion in Washington, the so-called March for Life.

He took advantage of his speech to attack the Democrats for accepting "radical and extreme positions" regarding abortion and praised those who attended the event, saying they were motivated by "pure and selfless love."

He also reiterated the measures he has taken as president and were requested by conservatives, including the confirmation of 187 federal judges.


Unborn children have never had a stronger advocate in the White House, "he said.

During a 1999 interview, Trump said he was an advocate for the right to abortion "in all aspects." Now, addressing the 2020 elections, Trump continues to reach evangelical voters who have proven to be among his most loyal followers.

Trump seeks support from his base of conservative activists to reach the goal.

Trump will become the first US president to participate in a demonstration against abortion today. In this 1999 interview, Trump defends women's right to decide, despite not sympathizing with abortion. Oh the archives …

– Bricio Segovia (@briciosegovia)
January 24, 2020

The time has changed

Previous presidents who opposed abortion, including Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, kept away from personally attending the march to avoid being associated so closely with protesters willing to criminalize the procedure.

They sent their comments for others to do, connected by phone or invited the organizers to visit the White House.

In this note:



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