Donald Trump. Bradley Lashed Out At The President Of The United States

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Mexico City / 07.06.2020 12:01:24

The captain of the United States National Team and one of the best players in the history of that country, Michael Bradley, harshly criticized President Donald Trump amid the social effervescence that the American Union is experiencing after the death of George Floyd from police brutality .


Currently, the Toronto FC midfielder from the MLS, mentioned in a video conference call, that the president “does not have a moral bone in his body”, in addition to showing “zero leadership”, in one of the most difficult moments of the United States in its recent history.

“The United States is leaderless right now. We have a president who is completely empty and without a morale bone in his body. There is no leader in him, nor among the Republican senators, who have been complicit for the past three and a half years. “

For this reason, the US World Cup player and former player of Rome asked the people to realize next November in the elections how “terrible” it would be to give Trump four more years.

“I just hope that people go to the polls in November and that they think of more than what is convenient for them, that they think less about their business or economic interests and more about what is good for everyone, for the country. The future of our democracy is at stake. We need people to understand that and that four more years with Trump would be terrible for many people. “

Several American athletes have spoken out against Donald Trump, who has issued a curfew and launched the National Guard, to suppress any type of racial protest after Floyd’s death.



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