Donald Trump Brings To Public Light The Hypocrisy Of Evangelicals

In the 2019 budget, President Donald Trump proposed cutting aid to all programs that benefit poor communities.


Martha E. Cruz
| January 19, 2020


If the evangelical communities of the United States profess Christian values, then their adoration for Donald Trump exposes a tremendous contradiction with the message of Jesus, whom they claim to worship.

In the new testament, Jesus exhorts us to help the poor and the homeless. Donald Trump clearly detests the poor and the homeless.

In the 2019 budget, the president proposed cutting aid to all programs that benefit poor communities.

Cuts to food stamps for disabled people and families with young children.
Cuts to work training programs for low-income youth.
Eliminate section 8 that offers help with paying rent to low-income people.
Reduce Medicaid to poor families by limiting the number of medical visits.
Eliminate assistance with the payment of heating to low-income families.
Eliminate small business assistance programs that operate in low-income communities.
Proposes to cut Social Security to disabled people.

The irony is that while slapping the poor, the millionaires paid less taxes thanks to the tax reform law of 2017. To these are added the American corporations who did not pay a penny of taxes to the federal government in the fiscal year of 2018.

There are the great beneficiaries of Trump's compassion. Millionaires and big corporations.

To the poor who eat a cable.

In Matthew 25: 30-40 Jesus says: “Because I was hungry, and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was a stranger and you picked me up. ”Then he answers to those who ask him,“ Truly I say to you, that when you did it to one of these, my younger brothers, you did it to me. ”

How is it that the president who orders to punish families, separating children from their parents when they arrive to seek refuge, has become the favorite of evangelicals?

Where in the new testament does Jesus contradict his message and associate with the powerful and those who oppress the poor?

– Martha E. Cruz is a professor and journalist based in NY



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