Donald Trump Buys An Iphone And Asks Tim Cook To Return The Start Button

Donald Trump Buys An IPhone And Asks Tim Cook To Return The Start Button

President Donald Trump is not very happy with the new iPhone. Use your Twitter account to go to Apple's Tim Cook and suggest a change.

Donald Trump is one of the most popular (or infamous) iPhone users. Throughout his administration he has had a complicated relationship with the company and its boss Tim Cook; for his intentions to migrate all the production of the device to the United States.

But clashes between both characters sometimes reach simply absurd levels. That has been the most recent case, where everything indicates that the president has just bought a new smartphone of this brand. But I would not be very happy with the absence of the physical start button:


Oops, the tweet is not found. Maybe they removed it?

It is curious to use your Twitter account to signal the top Apple leader. Since he didn't even bother to throw it away.

But it was very vocal about his way of expressing that the start button was better than the current lateral movement of fingers; necessary to slide content and windows in the iOS interface.

We have no idea if Trump made the leap to an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or some variant of the iPhone 11. But it is normal for him to go slow with respect to everyone else.

We must remember that for years he retained a strange attachment with his Samsung Galaxy S3.



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