Donald Trump Called Alberto Fernández To Congratulate Him On His Electoral Victory

At 17, Alberto Fernández's phone rang in his offices on Mexico Street. On the other side of the line was Donald Trump, the president of the United States. “Congratulations on the great victory. We watched it on television, ”said the American president, who also told him:“ (you) are going to do a fantastic job. I hope to meet you immediately. His victory has been commented on all over the world, ”Trump said according to Fernandez spokesmen.

Next, Trump advanced on a key issue for Fernandez's government program. “I have instructed the IMF to work with you. Do not hesitate to call me, ”said the president of the United States. This Trump statement generated expectations in the president-elect, assuming that it is essential to have the White House votes on the IMF board to reach a new agreement that will postpone the loan payments of 57,000 million dollars granted to the administration of Mauritius Macri

When Trump finished revealing the instruction he had given to his IMF representatives, Fernández transmitted to the American president his intention to maintain “a mature and cordial relationship” around “many common issues in the framework of a complex situation in which Argentina needs help".


And the president-elect concluded: "We have to do things together."



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