Donald Trump Called Presidents Of The Northern Triangle Of Central America “dictators”

Former United States President Donald Trump made fun of his counterparts in the Northern Triangle, when he participated yesterday in a television interview with Fox News journalist Sean Hannity, to whom he recounted how his magiratory policy worked so that Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador agreed to receive deported.

While Trump did not directly mention them by name, he did refer to all three countries directly. He said that he asked how much money the United States was giving as cooperation and that the figure amounted to five hundred million.

“At the beginning of May, the three countries that I know, the heads of the three countries are intelligent,” he said, although later he thought about it and referred to them as “dictators.” “They are dictators, very smart on the street, okay, but they are very smart people. And I like them. They like me. We get along well. But you know, business is business, ”Trump added.


It was in this part that the former US president recounted the part of the cooperation and how he decided to cut it, in what is understood was a kind of blackmail. “I said, ‘How much should we pay to those countries?’ Five hundred million dollars. But what does that have to do with it, sir. It has everything to do with it: don’t pay more ”, he said, to the applause of the audience present at the interview.

“We didn’t pay and then they called me. We suspended payment. And then the next day I get a call from the three of us. ‘President, did you stop the payments? No more money is coming into the three countries. ‘ ‘That’s correct,’ I said. They don’t take their criminals back. ‘Nobody asked us, we’d love to bring MS-13 back. They are wonderful people. ‘ So I said, ‘Ok. We will send them by the thousands’ and they received them ”, he finished his story.

Nayib Bukele always boasted of his good relationship with the government of Donald Trump. In fact, it did not pronounce on the defeat of this in the election against Joe Biden until several days after the day of the election.

In addition to the issue of deportations, during the administration, the countries of the Northern Triangle, under the presidencies of Alejandro Giammattei, in Guatemala; Juan Orlando Hernández, in Honduras; and Nayib Bukele, in El Salvador, signed two agreements called “safe third country”, with which the three countries agreed to receive immigrants from the United States while waiting for them to resolve their immigration situation in the North American country. These agreements were criticized by civil society organizations.

These agreements were terminated after the start of the Biden administration.



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