Donald Trump calls those who demonstrate for the murder of George Floyd "criminals"

Donald Trump Calls Those Who Demonstrate For The Murder Of George Floyd “criminals”

Washington, D.C. – President Donald Trump threatened on Friday to take steps to bring the city of Minneapolis “under control,” calling protesters outraged at the police-arrested murder of George Floyd “criminals,” saying that “when the looting begins, the shots start. ”

Trump tweeted after protesters set fire to a Minneapolis police station, after three days of violent protests over the death of Floyd, a young black man, whom a video shows begging for his life as a white police officer knelt by pressing his neck.

He said he spoke to Minnesota Democratic Governor Tim Walz, saying, “The military is with him to the end. Whatever difficulties we have we will take control, but when the looting begins, the shooting begins. Thank you!”.


Trump did not clarify what he meant – Walz has already activated the National Guard – but the tweet earned him a new warning from Twitter about his rhetoric, which according to the social network “breached Twitter’s Rules on glorifying violence.”

In response, the White House retweeted Trump’s message to his official account on Friday morning.

Trump is usually silent about the deaths committed by the police and has always defended law enforcement, but he spoke on this occasion. On Thursday he said he was “very, very sorry” for Floyd’s death and said the video recording the event was “very impressive to watch.”

However, he was more energetic in his words before the violent events of Thursday night in Minneapolis. “These CRIMINALS dishonor the memory of George Floyd and I will not allow it,” he wrote shortly before 1 a.m.

Twitter added a warning to Trump’s tweet but did not delete it, considering that the message “may be in the public interest,” something it only does in the case of tweets from government officials. A user logging into the president’s Twitter account would first have to click on the Twitter warning before they could see the president’s original tweet.

Twitter explained that it took measures “in order to prevent others from being inspired to commit violent acts”, but that it kept the tweet accessible “because it is important for the public to be able to see the tweet given its relevance to developing matters of public importance” .



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