Donald Trump Celebrates End Of Investigation Into Payments To Adult Actress Stormy Daniels

Former US President Donald Trump on Friday celebrated the decision of the federal electoral authorities to close its investigation into the payments of “money for silence” made to the adult actress, Stormy Daniels.

“The Federal Election Commission (FEC) in Washington DC fully desisted from the false case against me regarding payments to women related to the 2016 presidential election,” Donald Trump said in a statement.

“I thank the commission for their decision to end the Fake News chapter,” he added.


The FEC investigated whether $ 130,000 paid by Michael Cohen, then a lawyer for Donald Trump, violated the rules on electoral finance.

That payment, made two weeks before the November 2016 election, was allegedly intended to prevent Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, from revealing that she had been in a relationship with Donald Trump years earlier.

In 2018 Cohen pleaded guilty to violating electoral finance laws, tax evasion and lying to Congress and was sentenced to 3 years in jail.

However, Donald Trump was not charged in that case and the FEC – which is made up of Democrats and Republicans in equal parts – said Thursday it was at a dead end and ended its investigation of the Daniels payments.

Two Democrats on the commission voted to continue investigating and the two Republicans voted to desist.

Cohen, who broke with Donald Trump and became one of his harshest critics, regretted the commission’s decision.

“The payment for silence was made by direction and for the benefit of Donald J. Trump,” he said on Twitter. “Like me, #Trump should have been found guilty,” he added.

On his side, Daniels also reacted on the same social network: “Our legal system is a joke, but I will continue to fight and tell my truth.”

“I was attacked, threatened, intimidated, attacked daily, unjustly arrested and with false charges on my record because I refused to back down,” he said. “I never thought I’d see the day @ MichaelCohen212 and I would be on the same side.”


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