Donald Trump Chose Venezuela As a Strategic Option To Divert Attention Due To The Coronavirus Crisis

“I made a call at the beginning of March, when the quarantine began, to put aside the quarrels, the conflicts, the fights and to make a great peace agreement, a great humanitarian agreement to confront this terrifying pandemic in the world. And I have ratified that call 20 or 30 times ”, recalled this Monday the National President, Nicolás Maduro, from the Miraflores Palace, during a working meeting with the Military High Command and members of the National Executive.

He added that in the midst of the fight against the coronavirus, he had to warn with great sorrow about the plans for a terrorist attack that groups that have been financed, trained and supported by the Colombian Government of Iván Duque and by the Government of the States were trying to perpetrate. United of North America.

The Head of State reiterated the complaint about the Donald Trump administration that decided to use the time of the pandemic for a terrorist attack that filled Venezuela with violence, in order to have the justification for another escalation of military threat and intervention that to divert attention from world and US public opinion on the tragic crisis due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus that affects the American people.


He recalled that a month ago, the USA it became the global epicenter of the pandemic. “Millions of infected, thousands and thousands of deaths, the entire country struck by this crisis and Europe not to mention.”

President Maduro added that the Bolivarian Government’s complaints began to be revealed with the seizure of the batch of weapons in Colombia, belonging to Venezuelan terrorist groups that were training in Colombia.

“Particularly they were going for someone who started playing in the Colombian media, a certain alias” Pantera “, then the Colombian media discovered the presence of the former military man, drug trafficker, and traitor Clíver Alcalá Cordones, and he went out and declared that those weapons were from they and that they were preparing a group to come to attack in national territory. He declared that the alias “Pantera” was a staff under his command, “he recalled.

He rejected that the Colombian Government did not investigate this case. “On the contrary, under the coordination of the Government of Colombia, the agreement was made to apparently take this traitor Clíver Alcalá to the United States, we are not aware of,” he said.

The National Dignitary recalled that Alcalá Cordones affirmed that a contract had been signed with a private company and Venezuelan politicians to prepare an invasion of Venezuela: “All of this we denounce and all of this brings a sequence of denunciations sustained by the Government before the Council of United Nations Security ”.

He reported that this Monday the Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza consigned new evidence to the UN Secretary-General (United Nations Organization), António Guterres, with whom he spoke to again raise the complaint about these terrorist actions that included the participation of Colombia and Donald Trump in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We knew everything,” he said, after assuring that the country has had good sources of national and international intelligence, “the US Government. He delegated to the DEA this operation and to a private company called Silvercorp all the operational actions of this invasion attempt. “

He denounced that the DEA sought out the bosses and cartels of the Colombian high Guajira and the Venezuelan Guajira, and particularly criminal gangs from Falcón, Vargas, Capital District and Miranda to look for diversionary actions.

The President asked the Venezuelan people to remain calm before the defensive deployments of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces at any time.




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