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WASHINGTON, January 15.— The president of the USA. During the campaign speech in the city of Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Donald Trump said on Tuesday that US troops continue to remain in Syria for oil and that Washington should have done the same in Iraq.

«People ask me, why do you stay in Syria? Because I am controlling oil, ”the president has reiterated, adding:“ And, frankly, we should have done the same in Iraq, ”which has publicly confessed one of his crimes as a war criminal.

The cynical statements advanced in disgust when he indicated that by having "really insured oil" EE. UU. You can help your "Kurdish friends, because that's where they got their wealth."


RT recalled that Trump's decision to withdraw most US forces from northeastern Syria left the Kurds in danger, in the face of the Turkish cross-border military operation launched against them on October 9. In subsequent comments, the US president He said his country had not committed to protecting the Kurds for "400 years" and that the troops that rema in in Syria will be located in a different part, near the border with Jordan and Israel.

Last October, from the Russian Defense Ministry denounced that the US decision that part of its troops continue to be deployed in eastern Syria, near the oil fields to allegedly "deny access to these oil fields to the Islamic State," aims to keep the illegal extraction of Syrian oil under its control. and his smuggling for his own benefit.

«Given that a barrel of Syrian smuggling oil costs $ 38, the monthly income of this" private business "of US public services they exceed 30 million dollars, ”said Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konassenkov.

The Major General, RT said, has emphasized that “neither in international law nor in US law, nowhere does it exist and there cannot be a single legitimate task for US troops to justify protection and defense. the hydrocarbon deposits belonging to Syria from Syria itself and its people ».

For his part, the senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar al Assad, Bouthaina Shaaban, said in December that the US "Or has absolutely no rights" over the oil of his country and stressed that Damascus is ready to deal with the American troops that guard the oil fields of Syria.

"It's our oil," Shaaban told the US network NBC News. "Trump is talking about stealing it," he added.



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