Donald Trump Confirmed That He Will Attend APEC To Be Held In Chile

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, confirmed Monday that he will attend the APEC summit that will take place in November in Chile.

At the appointment, the US president hopes to sign the first phase of the trade agreement, which after long negotiations, would have reached his administration with the government of China.

However, he clarified that "we are considering getting ahead of the schedule to sign a very important part of the agreement with China," according to Radio Cooperativa.


The so-called “Phase 1” of the agreement with China would be a “very large portion,” according to the head of state, for which he could arrive in Chile “much earlier” than the planned date.

Trump was also consulted by the political and social crisis that the country has been experiencing for almost two weeks. In this regard, he said that “I know they have some difficulties at this time. But I know Chileans and I am sure they can solve it. ”

It should be remembered that the APEC 2019 summit, of which Chile is the organizer, will be held on the weekend of November 16 and 17 in Santiago.



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