Donald Trump Confirmed That He Will Extend The Ban On Traveling To The United States To "a Couple More Countries"

US President Donald Trump said Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland, that his administration was preparing to include "some more countries" to the controversial list of nations whose citizens are banned from entering the United States for security re asons, confirming an earlier report. from The Wall Street Journal.

“We are adding some more countries. We must remain safe. Our country must be safe, ”Trump said during a press conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, attended by numerous world leaders and executives. The president clarified that the names of the countries would be announced "shortly".

On Tuesday the Wall Street Journal had already reported Washington's intentions to add seven countries to the list, including Nigeria and others in Africa and Asia, citing officials within the Trump administration.


While the specialized portal Politico indicated that the formal announcement, including the details, could occur next Monday, when three years of the controversial decree of prohibition to enter the United States of citizens of certain countries are fulfilled.

The current list establishes strong restrictions on the entry of citizens of Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia, as well as specific restrictions against certain citizens of Venezuela and North Korea. Iraq, Chad and Sudan were part of the project, but were later withdrawn.

The controversial Executive Order, launched by Trump in the early days of his government and in coordination with a battery of measures to reduce immigration to the country, at the time generated enormous confusion in airports around the world and led to detentions and mass deportations . It was also resisted by non-governmental organizations within the United States, which initiated legal actions to try to render it void.

After a series of legal battles and numerous modifications to the text (including making exceptions for students and for those who already have family living in the United States), the project finally reached the United States Supreme Court in June 2018, which declared its validity by 5 votes against four.

Although the Wall Street Jounal report makes it clear that the final list may change, White House officials said the countries whose citizens will be banned or severely restricted from entering the United States are Nigeria, Sudan, Eritrea, Tanzania, Belarus, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan



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