Donald Trump Confirms That The US Will Sell Fans And Monitors To Mexico

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Donald Trump confirmed that in a very short time he will be able to send fans and monitors to Mexico to face the COVID-19 pandemic

President Donald Trump confirmed that “in a very short time” he will be able to send 10,000 fans and monitors to Mexico that he “desperately” requires to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.


The president confirmed it during one of his conferences at the White House after it was revealed that President L贸pez Obrador made a request for the sale of 10,000 fans and monitors with the aim of facing the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico.

“Mexico desperately needs them, it is possible that soon we may have 10,000 fans to help Mexico,” said Trump.

Earlier, during his morning conference, the President of Mexico reported on the request made to Trump as part of the conversation he had with him, in which they set cooperation goals in energy and health for the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I took advantage of the conversation with President (Donald) Trump, we have good relations to ask him on behalf of the people of Mexico to help us by selling us 10,000 fans and 10,000 monitors,” he said.

L贸pez Obrador indicated that he was waiting for Trump’s response to this request, so the statements of the US president confirmed the sale.

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