Donald Trump Congratulates Members Of The Army Worldwide

President Donald Trump sent Christmas congratulations to members of the army deployed throughout the world.

He did it in a videoconference with members of the service of the five branches from his private club in Florida, where he spent a vacation of more than two weeks.

Trump has remained largely out of the public eye since giving a speech to conservative students in nearby West Palm Beach on Saturday and has spent his days practicing golf in his private field and greeting the wealthy members of his clubs.


"I want to wish you an incredible Christmas," Trump told the group, which includes members of the Marine Corps in Afghanistan, an Army unit in Kuwait, a Navy unit in the Gulf of Aden and a Coast Guard station in Alaska. .

Trump was also asked what he bought for Christmas from his wife, First Lady Melania Trump. A "beautiful card," he replied, but "I'm still thinking about the Christmas present."

“They left me thinking. I will have to get to work on it very quickly, ”he added.



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