Donald Trump Controversial, Said Syrian Oil Is From The United States – 11/01/2019

Donald Trump added another controversy to the controversies surrounding his figure that stimulates with an early campaign for next year's elections. You just argued that Syrian oil belongs to the United States. Local and international reactions are now persecuting its officials who try to translate in a kinder way that quotation they launched during a speech in Chicago. "We keep the oil, remember that," he said and finished: "I always said it, you have to conserve oil." A few days later he said something more complicated: “We are leaving soldiers to secure oil … We may have to fight for oil. It's okay".

By claiming the right to Syrian oil, the president further complicated the mission of the US military in the Arab country after saying twice that it was time for the soldiers to return home.

The US president said his country was going to protect the Syrian oil fields and gave the Pentagon a reason, saying that a total withdrawal could revive the ISIS terrorist organization. The military admitted Thursday that an army unit with armored vehicles is operating in the Deir el-Zour oil region in Syria. They did not say how many troops there, but some officials indicated that it would be about 500.


Trump gave several versions of the military's role in the eastern part of Syria. On October 25, he said "we have insured oil, so there will be a few men left in the oil zone." Three days later, he went further and gave that indication that the crude was from the United States. “We want to protect the oil. 45 million dollars a month? Let's keep the oil. ”

Turkish Army tanks heading north of Syria EFE

White House officials have not clarified what Trump meant by that appointment or said where his estimate of the value of that oil came from. In the Pentagon, meanwhile, they said privately that they were given the order to seize any component of Syria's oil resources, including wells and stored oil.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Thursday that he interprets Trump's words as a warning that terrorists will be denied access to oil. In Syria there is a civil war since 2011. Its oil production has been reduced from 400,000 barrels per day to about 80,000, according to Jim Krane, an expert at Rice University.

civil war in syria infographic map

Russia was shocked by Trump's "confession." The Kremlin said it was a "pillage at the state level." A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said that by seizing Syrian oil, the United States contradicts its position that all it does is fight terrorism and "depart from the ideals proclaimed by Washington." For years, USA He said that military interventions abroad were aimed at strengthening peace and security.

Stephen Vladeck, a law professor specializing in the University of Texas, said there is no solid legal argument to justify that the US a right to Syrian oil is attributed. But, leaving aside the legal aspect, analysts claim that the mission is extremely dangerous. "It's a gunpowder barrel," said Loren DeJonge Schulman, a former official in the Pentagon and the White House in the Barack Obama administration.

"We are sending soldiers with very weak legal justifications, knowing that their commander in chief can change their mind, as he has done so many times in the past," he said, adding that for a long time many people have been saying that the real interest Washington in the Middle East is oil.

Esper has said that the control of the Deir el-Zour camps deprives terrorism of a source of resources and serves to finance the Kurds of Syria, who continue to fight the jihadists. A few years ago, when the terrorist band established a missing caliphate today, that glassy organization exploited the oil after seizing large tracts of land in Syria and Iraq.

For three years the Kurds have controlled that resource, supported by a small contingent of US soldiers. Esper told reporters that the mission in Deir el-Zour includes blocking any Russian or Syrian interference in that region.

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