Donald Trump Could Be Accused Again By Congress

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The United States Congress is going to give Christmas to Donald Trump since he has left open the possibility of initiating a second impeachment process for the president. Douglas Letter, a lawyer for the House, said in federal court that a second accusation may be necessary if Congress discovers new evidence that Trump tried to obstruct investigations into his conduct.

The argument came when Letter was explaining another investigation by the Court of Appeals about whether Democrats needed the testimony of Don McGahn, a former White House lawyer, an investigation that began after last week's vote to accuse Trump of abuse of power and obstruction to Congress.


Specifically, Letter said: “If McGahn's testimony produces new evidence that supports the conclusion that President Trump committed impeccable crimes that are not covered by articles approved by the House, the Committee will proceed accordingly, even if it is necessary, considering whether to recommend new articles of political judgment ».

However, the lawyers of the Department of Justice have affirmed that the decision to initiate the political trial implies that there is no urgency to solve the case, which reinforces the Trump Administration's argument that the courts should be inhibited from the legal confrontation between The president and the Congress.

On the other hand, the lawyers of the House of Representatives indicated that they were going to continue with their investigations, in the same line as the Democratic congressmen who affirm that the accusations are so serious that, in addition to generating urgency, they need the continuation of the investigations.

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