Donald Trump Could Call For Vaccination Against Covid-19


United States / 03.14.2021 13:50:16

The “incredible influence” of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, would be a great advance for his followers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, as was outlined today by the top leader in infectious diseases in that country, Anthony Fauci, despite the fact that the relationship between the two, during the Republican administration in the White House, was not comprehensive, much less close.


In a series of television interviews, Fauci lamented that many followers of the former president are refusing to be vaccinated against covid-19, stating that the policy has nothing to do with “totally logical and sensible” public health measures.

It will be a breakthrough, Fauci pointed out, if Trump used his “incredible influence” among Republicans to encourage them to get the injection that copes with covid-19, right in the country most affected by the pandemic in the world.

“If he came out and said ‘Go get vaccinated, it is extremely important for you, for your loved ones, for the whole country’ it seems to me that it would be inevitable that the vast majority of his followers would pay attention to him,” said Fauci on the Fox program News Sunday.

So far, Trump did not offer an immediate reaction to these statements in the expert, with whom he had disagreements when Fauci warned about the risks of the pandemic, while the former president relativized the statements of the specialists.

Although the former president has asked citizens to be vaccinated, as for example two weeks ago in a conclave of right-wing politicians, his calls have not been as emphatic, as could be expected from someone who led the country when the global health crisis.

Unlike other former president and public officials, he has not offered videos of him getting the vaccine to encourage the agent to inoculate. Official sources recently revealed that Trump was privately vaccinated at the White House before leaving office.




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