Donald Trump Criticized That Time Chose Greta Thunberg As a Person Of The Year And Recommended: "Relax Greta, Relax!"

With just 16 years and a reputation that has traveled the world, generating deep admiration and rejection, Thunberg illustrated the cover of the prestigious American publication, which has bothered the Republican president, with whom the Swedish has already faced the climatic issue.

"Very ridiculous," Trump said on his Twitter account, commenting on a retuit of congratulations to Thunberg on the occasion of Time's election.

“Greta must work on her problem with anger management, and then go see a good movie a friend, like the old one. Relax, Greta, Relax! ”Added the US president.


Daughter of a mother opera singer and a father actor turned producer, Thunberg has faced criticism from international leaders such as Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro, who shines from the scientific warnings. Others make fun of her youth or try to discredit her because of her Asperger syndrome, a diagnosis she has never hidden.

Trump, in fact, has become the most important voice in the denial field of climate change, and has even withdrawn his country, one of the world's largest pollutants with China, from the Paris Agreement, a United Nations initiative (UN) that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Thunberg, on the other hand, has emerged as one of the most visible faces of environmentalism, especially due to a series of speeches full of emotion and drama to warn about the dangers of global warming and the need for governments to act quickly, as well. as well as his initiative to always opt for less polluting means of transport to attend different forums in the world, coming to cross the Atlantic by sailboat to avoid a plane flight.

Their detractors, however, tend to highlight their low age, the Asperger who suffers, the alleged manipulation exerted by their parents and the theatricality of their campaigns, which promote overly radical and, for some, unsustainable measures.

With his appearance as "person of the year" Greta exceeded the record that the pilot Charles Lindbergh had, who at 25 was the youngest person to receive the distinction, which began in 1927 (with Lindbergh himself). According to Time, it is a distinction of a person who "for better or worse, has been the most influential in the events of the year." Already in 1987, the publication chose the Earth as "planet of the year", instead of a person, with a warning message for pollution and environmental decay.



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