Donald Trump Decrees To Restrict Visas To People Without Health Insurance

Washington –

Some immigrants who apply for a US visa will be denied entry to the country unless they can demonstrate that they can cover their medical expenses, according to a decree signed by President Donald Trump on Friday.

The new rule applies to people who apply for immigrant visas from abroad, and not to those already in the United States. It does not affect legal permanent residents, asylum seekers, refugees or minors.


But it could apply to spouses and parents of US citizens. That could have an impact on families trying to bring their parents to the United States.

The proclamation indicates that immigrants will be banned from entering the country unless they acquire health insurance less than 30 days after entering or that they have sufficient financial resources to cover any medical expenses. The measure will take effect on November 3.

President Trump’s government tries to reform the family-based immigration system and replace it with a merit-based system, and Friday’s decree is a new attempt to limit immigrants’ access to public programs.

At the beginning of the year, the Trump administration made radical changes to the rules in order to deny certificates of permanent residence to immigrants who receive some types of public assistance. The White House also issued instructions to the authorities to recover income-based social security payments from sponsors, and proposed a rule that required verifying the immigration status of anyone who applied for public housing benefits.

The required health insurance can be purchased individually or through an employer, and can be short-term or catastrophic illness coverage.

Medicaid coverage does not count. And an immigrant will not be able to obtain a visa if they use subsidies from the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) to acquire their policy. The federal government pays those subsidies.

“Although legal immigrants are candidates for ACA grants, they would remain in limbo because the proclamation does not consider subsidized coverage safe,” said Larry Leavitt, executive vice president of health policy at Kaiser Family Foundation, a group of experts on Health insurance.

The White House said in a statement that many people who do not have citizenship were taking advantage of the country’s “generous public health programs” and that these immigrants contribute to the problem of uncompensated health costs. ” (I)



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