Donald Trump Defied Political Norms And Finally Clashed With Reality

Washington – Donald Trump was an unlikely president who defied the laws of political gravity, a real estate entrepreneur and reality TV star who rose to the top national office. But now it has crashed into reality.

But in the end, its boisterous rallies, political machinery and willpower could not cope with the reality of its profound unpopularity and the devastating coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 236,000 people in the United States and left millions behind. more unemployed.

Still, his combative attitude toward politics – his bluster on Twitter, his grudge against his adversaries, and his penchant for isolating the United States from the rest of the world – left its mark on all levels of government and in other spheres as well. And his electoral performance, better than anticipated despite his loss to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, heralds that the trend will endure for generations in government and political activism.


It remains to be seen what Trump ends up doing once Biden assumes the presidency on January 20. Will you play golf? Will you start your own television channel? Will you try to apply again? And the most immediate: Will he continue to resist this electoral result?

“I definitely think Trump will continue to be involved in politics, and I definitely think he will be one of those who will run in 2024. He doesn’t like to lose,” said Mick Mulvaney, who was Trump’s chief of staff, in an online interview. with the Institute of International & European Affairs.

Trump continues to have his popular Twitter account and the sympathies of the Fox News television channel, through which he can address his unconditional followers, who for months have believed that there was no way he would lose unless there was cheating, and that even declared, falsely and prematurely, that Trump had won.

On Saturday, Trump refused to admit defeat, instead threatening to file legal remedies to reverse the election result.

Until a successor emerges to lead the Republican ranks – which probably won’t happen until after the 2024 primaries – Trump remains the de facto leader of that party, which he has sculpted in his image.

“Even in defeat, Donald Trump has exceeded expectations and helped other Republicans to do the same,” said Michael Steel, a Republican consultant. “It will continue to be a powerful force within the party.”

Still, the defeat will likely spark an internal debate about the extent to which Republicans should remain loyal to Trumpism, given that they could retain control of the Senate and increased their presence in the House of Representatives.



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