Donald Trump Defined The Political Trial Investigation As "a Coup D'etat"

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, described Tuesday as a "coup d'etat" to the investigation of political trial that Democrats in Congress develop about their efforts to discredit their main rival for the 2020 elections with interference from the Ukrainian government.


“As I learn more and more every day, I conclude that what is happening is not a political trial, it is a HIT”Trump said on his Twitter network account.

And it was blunt to ensure that "hit" He intends to "take away his power, his vote, his freedoms, his Second Amendment, religion, army, border wall and his rights granted by God as citizens of the United States."

The president's comments came after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pressed to prevent or delay five active and retired diplomats testifying in Trump's impeachment investigation.

The investigation of the Democrats seeks to know if Trump abused his post asking for help from Ukraine to damage the image of former Vice President Joe Biden, his potential adversary in 2020.

If the House, in the hands of the Democratic opposition, votes for the dismissal of the Republican billionaire, that decision will return for clarification to the Senate, where there is a Republican majority.



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