Donald Trump Demanded That The Iran Regime Respect The Opposition Demonstrations: "The World Is Watching"

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, expressed this Saturday about the recent demonstrations against ayatollah Ali Khamenei after the regime admitted to having shot down the Ukrainian plane with 176 people on board last January 8.

“For the brave and suffering Iranian people: I have been with you since the beginning of my presidency and my government will continue to be with you. We are closely following their protests. His courage is inspiring, ”said the president through his Twitter account with a message in English and another in Farsi.

And in a third tweet, which he published 25 minutes after the first one, Trump said that "the Iranian government must allow human rights groups to monitor and report the facts from the ground about the protests of the ongoing Iranian people." And he warned: “There can be no other massacre of peaceful protesters, or a shutdown of the internet. The world is watching them. ”


The Iranians held vigils this Saturday afternoon at various points in Iran to remind the victims of the 752 Ukrainian Airlines flight that collapsed on January 8 shortly after taking off. However, within a few hours, the peaceful demonstrations became a massive protest against the regime, which Tehran, after three days of denying any intervention in the tragedy, finally admitted that it attacked the ship and shot it down.

At Amirkabir University, protesters chanted "down the dictator" and "shame of the IRGC (Revolutionary Guard), let it go," referring to Ayatollah Khamenei. At Sharif University, crowds of outraged Iranians chanted: "Commander in chief, resignation." The commander in chief in Iran is the supreme leader.

Protesters also demanded that those responsible for the demolition of the civil aircraft be prosecuted publicly and accountable. The crowd also condemned the paramilitary internal security force of the Islamic Republic, singing ‘Death to Basij’.

At nightfall, the riot police tried to interrupt the protests with tear gas. Police armed with shields and batons tried to disperse the crowd, and the police fired water cannons at the crowd of protesters.

For days, Iran claimed that a technical failure caused the accident, but finally admitted that its own land-to-air missiles shot down the plane.

In addition to the protests in Tehran, social networks were filled with comments and photographs of the victims of this tragedy with the tags #error_humano and #compatriota_asesino, in Farsi.

"Human error? Who of you is human? ”Asked an Internet user in allusion to the Iranian authorities, who until today denied the hypothesis that a missile reached the plane.

That denial was very commented on social networks, where many expressed that the authorities should have waited for the result of the investigations instead of making lies and having assumed their responsibility from the beginning and not to be cornered by the complaints of other countries.

Speculation about the possibility of a demolition case began the same day of the incident and gained strength on Thursday, January 9 when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government had information that the Boeing 737 was hit by "a missile Iranian land-air. "

The photographs of the deceased circulated on Twitter and Instagram, with comments such as "they were killed by a mistake and their families in that great pain enduring lies."

"How can it be that they do not know what they attacked but immediately learned of the death of (Qassem) Soleimani?" Wrote a Twitter user. Another wondered how the pilot should have felt: “Why have they attacked us? How wild! Don't they feel sorry for their own countrymen?

The plane crashed south of Tehran after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport bound for Kiev, a few hours after Iran struck a base in Iraq with missiles in the presence of US troops.

With information from AFP and EFE



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