Donald Trump Denounced That The Iranian Regime Blocked The Internet To Hide "the Deaths And Tragedy" It Caused In Opposition Protests

Donald Trump denounced Thursday that the Iran regime blocked Internet access for six days to hide "the deaths and tragedy" caused by its own leaders, and that these authorities want to reduce the transparency of the protests of the "zero" last days.

"Iran has become (a country) so unstable that the regime has shut down its entire internet system so that the Great Iranian People cannot talk about the tremendous violence that is occurring within the country," the president of the United States wrote in your official Twitter account.

"They want ZERO transparency, and they think that the world will not find out about the deaths and tragedy that the Iranian regime is causing!"


The protests in Iran, which broke out last Friday following the rise in the price of gasoline, have resulted in a violent escalation in which, according to Amnesty International (AI), at least 106 people have died, although the Iranian authorities They have not confirmed a global number of victims.

The Iranian regime blocked Internet access for six days to curtail the organization of the protests, although this Thursday began to restore the web connection slowly and partially.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani on Wednesday proclaimed victory over the riots, which soon resulted in criticism against the Iranian theocratic system, but the fact that the internet was still cut generated much uncertainty until Thursday.

The connection is gradually being restored in several provinces and in some parts of Tehran and it is a sign that the authorities trust that the wave of discontent is more or less under control.

This Monday, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, condemned “outright any act of violence by the regime” in the protests and demanded that the attacks be stopped and the Internet access restored “immediately”.

"The world is watching" Iran, Pompeo warned in a statement.

The White House also expressed on Sunday its "support for the peaceful protests of the Iranian people," and the Persian regime complained Wednesday of the alleged interference by Washington in the country in a conversation with the Swiss ambassador to Tehran, Markus Leitner, who It represents the interests of the United States in Iran.



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