Donald Trump Deploys Special Operations Aircraft In Rota After Liquidating Iranian General Soleimani

The pulse between the United States and Iran in the Middle East has reached unexpected heights this morning with the elimination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. President Donald Trump and the Pentagon already plan their response to an eventual revenge on Tehran. Within that framework, the Rota air base has multiplied its activity in the last hours. The scales of transport planes have been shot and several special operations aircraft have also arrived on the Cadiz track.

The joint air base of Rota (Cádiz), in which both the US and Spanish Armed Forces operate, is a continuous coming and going of U.S. military aircraft. Air Force The movement of these last days, especially this Friday, has multiplied with respect to the daily activity of the Cadiz facilities. Just in full swing of the crisis with Iran in the Middle East.

As OKDIARIO has learned from military sources, in the last hours there have been about a dozen C-5M ‘Galaxy’ and C-17 ‘Globemaster’ transport aircraft of the US air force that have landed at the Andalusian base. The largest transport aircraft that the United States has in service.


They are, they explain, of stopovers in logistics transport flights from the United States and whose last destination is bases in the Middle East. Typically, aircraft land to refuel after crossing the Atlantic and set course for US facilities in the Gulf area or other bases, such as the Italian Aviano.

In addition, at least four MC.130 ‘Talon II’ aircraft have also landed in the last 24 hours in Rota. Combat aircraft designed specifically for missions of special infiltration and exfiltration operations, evolved on the basis of a traditional "Hercules." Each one can carry more than fifty elite paratroopers on board.

An MC-130 ‘Talon II’ with paratroopers (Photo: US Department of Defense).

On the other hand, explain the military sources consulted, they have also increased the operations of refueling aircraft that are based in Rota. They are proceeding to refuel part of the US military aircraft that cross the Strait in one direction or another.

Broken, key to the Pentagon

Due to its location and its characteristics, Rota is a key logistics platform for the United States military strategy in the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East. In fact, among the Pentagon's plans is the intention of raising its status to ‘Tier 1‘, which signals the highest level of importance in military installations. That would mean placing Rota at the level of the bases of Hickman (Pearl Harbor) or Ramstein, the most important in the world outside the continental United States.

The tense situation in Iraq for days has reached unsuspected levels with the elimination of Iranian General Qassam Soleimani, head of the Quds militias of the Revolutionary Guard and a very influential member of the Tehran regime. The White House confirmed Friday its elimination in Baghdad through a missile attack launched from a drone.

According to military sources, the Rota base has not yet received any order to raise its level of alertness, although the increase in operations at the facilities indicates that the Pentagon could be preparing for an eventual large-scale operation in the Middle East.

In case -improbable- that the escalation increased until an open conflict, the base of Rota would play a fundamental role in the defensive strategy of the United States, since there are deployed the four destroyers that are part of the so-called ‘Missile Shield’.



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