Donald Trump Did Not Learn From Richard Nixon

A professor with whom he was taking classes at the UPR told us that the existence of governments, even those that seemed very strong, depended on the respect that leaders and the military had for the country’s institutions. He gave us as an example the resignation of Richard Nixon to the presidency of the United States in 1974. President Nixon, a Republican, having discovered the fact that his most intimate advisers had hired and ordered the illegal search of the offices of the Democratic Party in the building To listen to their conversations, Watergate had to hand over the recordings from his presidential office because the United States Supreme Court, by unanimous vote of its justices, had ordered it to do so. When the voice of President Nixon was heard on one of those recordings ordering the FBI to halt its investigation into the Watergate wiretapping case, Nixon resigned from the presidency. He did not challenge the Supreme Court ruling or summon a mob of his followers to attack the offices of the judges or those of the congressmen investigating the matter. He handed over the tapes. He did not threaten to mobilize his armed forces to protect the secrecy of his conversations in the oval office.