Donald Trump Does Not Rule Out Sanctioning Spain For Alleged Support For Venezuela

US President Donald Trump did not rule out Friday imposing sanctions on Spain for his alleged financial support for the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro after the Spanish Executive denied that the US will evaluate that option.

"We'll see. We'll see," Trump said when asked about the possibility of his administration sanctioning Spain for its alleged financial aid to Venezuela. The president made no further comments on the subject and raised his hand to say goodbye and head towards his helicopter towards the state of Mississippi.

His message came hours after the Spanish government flatly denied that the Trump Executive had come to raise such measures, after contacting the US authorities. and the US embassy in Madrid.


The acting Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, stressed that there is "no reason" nor is there any "procedure" sanctioner opened by the US. against Spain in relation to Venezuela. "There is nothing at all," the minister said in statements to the Efe news agency in Madrid that he described the information about a supposed preparation of sanctions as "unfounded."

Borrell stressed that, if there were, the Spanish Government would have been the first to hear about these sanctions, and has deplored the activity of the "weeds sowers" and the dissemination of false news.

The Bloomberg agency published on Thursday that charges from the US Administration were pressing to impose these measures, which the Spanish Government has flatly denied. US Treasury Department sources consulted by Efe declined to comment on that possibility. (EFE)


In September, information published in various media pointed out that the Venezuelan authorities used the Bank of Spain to circumvent the sanctions that the United States had imposed on the Latin American country.

The Bank of Spain then denied any irregularity in the use of the account of the Central Bank of Venezuela and stressed that the entity maintained "specific controls" on all movements of that account to avoid its use "for irregular purposes."



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