Donald Trump – Donald Trump Warns That If There Is No Pact With China It Will Raise "tariffs Even More"

The American president, Donald Trump, stressed on Tuesday that if a trade agreement with China is not achieved, it will raise "tariffs even more," amid talks between Washington and Beijing to ratify the "first phase" of the pact and thus lower the trade war

"If we don't reach an agreement with China, I will simply raise tariffs even more," Trump said in a meeting with his presidential cabinet in the White House.

"China is going to have to make an agreement that I like. If not, that's it," he said.


Trump's words occur in full talks between the two powers to seal a "first phase" of the pact and add uncertainty, since the date and place where the signature would be registered remain unknown.

Initially, the idea was for Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to sign the agreement in the framework of the APEC meeting in mid-month in Santiago, Chile, but the cancellation of the summit due to social protests in the country South American complicated plans.

The difficulty of the negotiations, however, has been reflected in the constant crossing of statements between Washington and Beijing, often contradictory.

At the beginning of November, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said that it had reached an agreement with Washington to phase out the charges that both parties have imposed during the dispute, which began in March 2018.

However, days later, Trump himself threw a jug of cold water and lowered expectations.

"They would like to back down, we have not agreed on anything. China would like to do something like a reverse, not a complete revocation because they know that I would not do that," said the US president in statements to the press in the White House.

The trade war between Washington and Beijing, which has resulted in successive tariff increases by both countries for almost two years, had its last episode on September 1 with the entry into force of the 10 to 15% rise in Chinese imports by value of 112,000 million dollars.

It is planned, for now, that on December 15 that same increase will be applied to the remaining imports taxed at 10%, to reach $ 300,000 million at 15%.

Trade tensions between the two largest world economies go beyond bilateral relations and have profound global consequences.

In its latest global growth forecasts, released in July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its projections of global expansion to 3.2% this year, one tenth less than in April weighed down by doubts about the possible resolution of this dispute .



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