Donald Trump Explodes Against Christian Magazine Calling For His Removal

WASHINGTON.-Donald Trump whipped a prestigious Christian magazine on Friday after he argued in an editorial comment that the president of the United States should be dismissed.

Trump tweeted that Christianity Today, a magazine founded by the late evangelist Billy Graham, is a "far left" publication that "is doing badly and has no relationship with Billy Graham's family for many years."

He added that the publication "does not know how to read a perfect transcript of a routine telephone call", referring to his call in July to the President of Ukraine, which resulted in his political trial. Trump said the magazine prefers "an extremist leftist atheist who wants to take away his religion and weapons, than Donald Trump as its president."


In the editorial entitled “Trump must be dismissed,” editor-in-chief Mark Galli wrote: “Democrats have sought the fall (of Trump) from day one,” but adds that “the facts in this case are unequivocal: the president The United States tried to use its political power to force a foreign ruler to harass and discredit a political opponent of the president. This is not only a violation of the Constitution. More importantly, it is deeply immoral. ”

He adds that the question of whether Trump should be dismissed by the Senate or by the popular vote in the 2020 election "must be left to the prudence of reason." But, "that it must be dismissed, we believe, is not a matter of partisan loyalty but of loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments."

On the eve, the House of Representatives dominated by the Democrats approved Trump's accusations of abuse of power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival and obstructing the investigation of Congress, being just the third US president to be submitted to political judgment in the history of the United States.

Seven out of 10 white evangelicals approve of Trump's administration, according to a Pew Center survey a few months ago. Additionally, many evangelical leaders support him – despite allegations of sexual abuse, polarizing measures and blasphemy statements – including Graham's son, Reverend Franklin Graham.

Trump said in his tweets that "no president has done more for the evangelical community, nobody comes close." Additionally, he declared that "I will not read ET again!", Mistaking the acronym for the publication.

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