Donald Trump Feels "threatened By Women Of Color"

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The young Latin congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the great phenomenon in Washington in recent years, believes that President Donald Trump attacks her, and like her other minority racial group policies, because she feels "threatened" by what they represent .

The youngest woman in history to arrive at the Congress forms with her companions Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley the group known as "The Squad" (The Squad), which has greatly influenced the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in its First year in the Capitol, which has attracted numerous attacks by Republicans.


But the 30-year-old Puerto Rican congresswoman has not taken over since she arrived in Washington last January, which has made her a star among the youngest Democratic electorate.

AOC, as it is known in social networks and in the political sphere, traveled to Las Vegas (Nevada) to participate this Sunday in a council in Spanish organized by the campaign of the senator and aspiring Democrat to the Presidency Bernie Sanders, who has publicly endorsed

In this act, he again demonstrated why he is famous for expressing himself directly and openly, and spoke in an interview in the same way about his first year in Washington, how he sees national politics and his possible candidacy for the White House in the future.

What is your balance now that you are close to celebrating your first year as a congressman in Washington?

I think we were able to achieve a lot this year, especially being a rookie in Congress. You are usually relegated to darkness and cannot do much. It usually takes many years, a lot of experience to get some kind of influence and try to get your message to people. I believe that we have been able to force conversations about working families carefully, something that would not have been achieved otherwise.

Did you find in the United States Congress what you expected?

It's an interesting question because I don't know what I expected. I think I tried to be as open as possible to the experience, but in other ways it was not what I expected. A lot of how Washington works, I think a lot of people know it as something broken and disconnected, but many times what we don't know are the ways in which things happen.

I think I was very surprised how power is concentrated even within Congress. Even an average member of Congress does not have much influence compared to other members, depending on their rank and their title. So the inequity that I sometimes saw in society is a reflection of what we see in Washington as well.

Now that you are inside, how do you see the machinery of both parties? From the outside they look like something very strong and invincible, but you did it.

As I see it now, we first need more people to launch public office. We need many more people to challenge the system. No person can do it alone. I can't do it alone, Senator Sanders can't do it alone. You will need all of us participating in our communities, running for public office.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks with Bernie Sanders during the event in Venice.

Well, and then how about you as a candidate for the Presidency, have you thought about it or are part of your plans?

I think it would get me in too much trouble.

It seems that this is not something that worries you a lot, is it?

I do not know. Sometimes when people talk about it I think there is a very strong established political system and only seeing the immediate reaction, including the negative reaction, I just won the primary elections (Democrats in 2018), Fox News came over me to try to create as much controversy and division as possible, so I just wake up every day and say, "How can I do the greatest good" and try not to predict the future much.

Both you and the legislators known as the "Squad" have been directly and personally attacked by President Trump. Why do you think you are specifically targeted by his attacks?

I think he feels threatened by women of color. I think he feels threatened by Latin women, black women, Muslim women, Asian women.

I believe that we represent the US that he refuses to accept, a US that embraces and allows feminine power, a US that allows people of color to have a strong voice on the table to be treated equitably and to fight for the dignity of the people, and a country that frankly fights against the corruption and plutocracy that he represents, and it is something that goes so against his power that he feels he must face it directly.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezse approaches party supporters.

So what can you tell people who are out there and want to know how to fight against that rhetoric and such attacks?

First of all, we can fight. His views do not represent the majority in this country. It does not mean that he does not represent anyone, because he clearly has a fan base, but I think his views do not represent the majority of Americans.

The key is that we have to participate, and that will require an expansion of our electorate this year to be able to defeat it, so frankly what I think we should do is say: "Listen, if you don't vote and you haven't traditionally voted in a primary or a presidential election, this is the year to do it. "

We have to make sure we talk to those who don't vote and turn them into voters if we're going to want to defeat this president.



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