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After the Donald Trump era, will the reign of Ron DeSantis begin? The governor of Florida is the new blood, he will renew the Republican party, regardless of whether former president Donald Trump decides to run again for the presidency in 2024 or whether it will be the 42-year-old politician who will represent said party.

Not for nothing is DeSantis called ‘mini Trump’. Let no one doubt that he is a very attractive politician in the country. This explains why the former US president has declared that he imagines him as his duo in the race for the White House in 2024.

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“There have been polls and he leads the preferences among all Republicans,” says analyst and professor at UCLA, Octavio Pescador. When they include Trump, he is second, but when the former president does not appear, De Santis is first. “

As a gesture of thanks to the undeniable leader of the American conservatives, the Florida governor has just signed a law that generates controversy because, according to his opponents, it would restrict voting by mail. Let’s not forget that postal suffrage was one of Trump’s nightmares, who – without giving any credible proof of it – pointed out that such a system lent itself to fraud.

The signature was stamped during a closed session in which the only invited television station was Trumpist Fox. De Santis, in that sense, is the ideal Republican and that is why his popularity is overflowing in Florida.

“He’s attractive because he talks like Trump. He’s very, let’s say, haughty in his speech. He is also very charismatic, ”says Pescador.

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The case of the state of Florida is curious because it experienced a profound change that made it stop voting for the Democratic party to prefer the Republican party. To explain it, says Eduardo Gamarra, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Florida International University, we would have to go back to the 1960s, and mention Ronald Reagan and the Bushes.

“The Clinton administration, despite being a Democrat, moved in the direction of the Republicans on public policy issues. And, in 1994, he lost the mid-term elections and a wave grew that would end up leaving few Democratic legislatures, “he says.

The blow came in 2000, when Al Gore lost the election.

Later, the tandem of brothers George W. and Jeff Bush caused “Florida to change its political color at the local level.”

“And to control the cameras, they redrew the legislative districts in a way that made sure they were Republican. This may sound strange because it is fraud ”, adds Gamarra.

Florida Governor Ron de Santis with former United States President Donald Trump. REUTERS STYLE MATTERS

Gamarra notes that, 20 or 30 years ago, it was unlikely to run into politicians who behaved like Trump or De Santis, that that style would have been considered disrespectful. But it did exist: the representative of the state of Georgia, Newt Greenwich, was a good example of aggressive politics.

Maintaining the forms, however, the Republicans did not give foot with ball.

The alarms in the game began to sound in 2008 and, later, in 2012, with the losses of John McCain and Mitt Romney. How could they reverse the trend?

“Republicans commissioned a report after the 2012 elections, and in this it was concluded that they were not going to win again if they did not become more tolerant and if they did not include minorities. And what happened? They did the opposite, ”says Gamarra.

And he adds: “Today it is almost exclusively the party of whites and it is a party that has decided that everything that has to do with the civil rights achievements of the last 60 years are part of a communist or socialist agenda. And that message, which is the same one they are using against President Biden’s legislative package, has worked for them. “

The Republican party and De Santis have succeeded in seducing Cuban-American voters. EFE

It is in this logic that DeSantis moves, who, as Pescador recalls, has the support of media such as Fox.

But relying on the vote of the whites, making a collation with an important part of the Hispanic vote -there are the Cuban-Americans who tremble when the cuckoo of communism is mentioned-, and of a management of the pandemic that passed devastated compared to the New York cataclysm , it doesn’t seem to be enough.

DeSantis and the Republicans are constantly aware of the problems, and ready to fix them. “It is always present in the life of the Florida voter,” adds Gamarra.

The governor, of course, has benefited. Gamarra points out that the majority understand that DeSantis has managed the state successfully, and that is why everything points to his being reelected. Of course, no one doubts his presidential image.

“DeSantis has experience in Congress, now as governor, and obviously wants to become president,” says the specialist. And of all the new figures in the Republican Party, she is probably the only one who has a significant social base and something that can transcend Florida. “

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