Donald Trump Forgives The Turkeys But Not The Press

Washington – President Donald Trump maintained the tradition established in 1989 by George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) to pardon the turkeys presented at the White House on the occasion of Thanksgiving, in a brief act in which he took the opportunity to charge against the press and against the president of the committee investigating him in Congress, Adam Schiff

"Somehow I expected this event to be very popular with the press, after all the turkeys look like vultures," said the head of state at the animal forgiveness ceremony, baptized as Bread and Butter (bread and butter, in English).

The ruler also dedicated bitter words to Democratic lawmaker Schiff, chairman of the Lower House Intelligence Committee, in charge of the investigation to see if there are sufficient grounds to submit the president to a hypothetical political trial.


"Luckily, Bread and Butter have been specially bred to be calm in any situation, which is very important because they have already received citations to appear in the basement of Adam Schiff on Thursday," said the president accompanied by the first lady, Melania Trump

However, he has qualified "that has unlike previous witnesses", the turkeys had crossed paths with him.

In addition, the president took advantage of this brief appearance before the public and the media to boast that "the country has never been more successful" than under his mandate, which he said he saw reflected in the operation against the leader of the jihadist organization Islamic State (EI), Abi Bakr al Bagdadi, and that resulted in the death of the terrorist.

Bread and Butter, two turkeys that, according to its owner, are football fans and were raised listening to classical rock, have been the two animals pardoned by the head of state.

The name of these two winged specimens was chosen from a list of 15 proposals made by the students of a school in North Carolina.

After the event, the president left for Florida, a state that recently moved his official residence from New York and where he is scheduled for an election event today, and where he will stay to celebrate Thanksgiving next Thursday.

This party was proclaimed by the first US head of state, George Washington (1789-1797) with the aim of celebrating "the birth of a new nation and its prosperity"; and it is celebrated on the third Thursday of November since President Franklin D. Roosvelt (1933-1945) decided in 1941.

Americans have a tradition of eating turkey at this time in memory of the first settlers in the northeast of the country, known hunters of these birds.

The presentation of the turkey in the White House dates back to the 1920s, dates on which they even put on glasses and sweaters for the occasion.

However, their style did not save them from ending up in a tray of the presidential halls to be tasted by the president's guests during the Thanksgiving dinner.

But the fate of these animals changed with the coming to power of President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993), who established as a tradition the forgiveness of at least one of the animals.



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