Donald Trump Furious Over Fox News, ‘RINO’ Paul Ryan

Donald Trump slammed Fox News and Paul Ryan with a scathing post on his Truth Social account on Saturday, saying the news organization “went lame” when the former House speaker joined its board.

Trump’s comments came as Ryan is coming under fire from some Republicans and conservatives for comments he made on Wednesday, saying members of his party “didn’t have the guts” to vote to impeach the former president.

On Saturday, Trump blamed Ryan, whom he called a Republican in name only, for what he perceives to be problems at the news organization.


“Has anyone noticed that Fox News got lame (bad!) when wimpy RINO Paul Ryan, who is despised in the Great State of Wisconsin for being ‘a pathetic loser,’ walked onto the Fox Board,” Trump wrote.

Donald Trump criticized Fox News and Paul Ryan in the publication Truth Social on Saturday, saying the news organization “went lame” when the former House speaker joined its board. Above, the former president speaks on May 28 in Casper, Wyoming.

Ryan has been on the board of directors of Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News, since March 2019. In the post, Trump urged Fox News to remove him from his position.

“Get Ryan off your board and report the news properly… And stop accepting negative ads from perverts and others!!!” Trump wrote.

Trump also complained that his allegations of voter fraud were not covered by Fox News. The former president has long claimed without evidence that widespread voter fraud is to blame for his 2020 loss to President Joe Biden.

“They won’t even talk about an obviously rigged 2020 presidential election, not even mention it,” he wrote. “That is why our Country is going to HELL. Elections have consequences.”

Ryan’s comments were made in Florence, South Carolina, where he spoke in support of Republican Rep. Tom Rice. Rice voted to impeach Trump after unrest on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021, and faces a Trump-backed Republican challenger in the state primary on June 14.

“There were a lot of people who wanted to vote like Tom but just didn’t have the guts to do it,” Ryan said. “There are many people who say that he is going to vote for his conscience, he is going to vote for the Constitution, he is going to vote for his convictions, but when it becomes difficult to do so, don’t do it.”

His comments drew backlash from conservatives, including Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman.

“Paul Ryan would have been one of those ‘gutless Republicans.’ Ryan makes me angry because he has had a great platform for the last 4 years, but he has said absolutely NOTHING when Trump incited an insurrection, attacked our democracy and destroyed the truth,” Walsh tweeted.

Newsweek reached out to Ryan, Fox News and a Trump representative for comment.



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