Donald Trump Goes Down In History Because Of The Process Against Him – USA And Canada – International

Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are the charges by which representatives to the US House of Congress want to make a political judgment (‘impeachment’) on President Donald Trump.

Although the denominations of the presumed infractions of the president might seem minor in the face of the arrogant and sometimes quarrelsome behavior of the White House tenant, these have a burden in which several actions that Donald Trump has hidden or at least minimized are configured, but that The light of the law has delicate implications for US national politics and security. UU.

These two articles, which have an equivalence to charges in an ordinary judicial process, are related to the alleged pressure that Trump exerted against the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, and other authorities in that country to open an investigation against former vice president Joe Biden , his son Hunter and against the Democratic Party.


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Those cases were put to a vote on Friday in the Judicial Commission of the House of Representatives and were approved, as the Democrats have a majority in this unit of the Legislative.

This is very serious, as the president became the third president in the entire history of the country who is charged with impeachment after Bill Clinton, in 1998, and Andrew Johnson, in 1868.

But, in addition, at this same stage of the process was when former President Richard Nixon decided to resign when it became clear that the House would affirmatively vote three charges against him for trying to cover up an espionage operation against a Democratic Party headquarters in the Hotel Watergate, from Washington. If approved, the articles will go to the House plenary, where a final vote is expected before the end of next week.

If everything goes as planned and there are no significant defections among the Democrats, it is assumed that the charges will be ratified leaving the table served for a impeachment trial against Trump, which the Senate would advance in January 2020.

But there things are expected to change radically and in the trial he will be acquitted because there is a Republican majority in the upper house.

In the Senate, two-thirds votes are required (67) to remove a president-in-office and the Democrats barely have 47 seats in the Senate, compared to 53 of the Republicans.

That is, the Democrats would have to captivate the vote of twenty of the Republicans and that all Democrats vote against him, which seems, for now, unlikely. However, the trial also has electoral purposes, as the Democrats seek to undermine the president's popularity as much as possible before the November presidential elections, in which he will seek his re-election.

But Trump, skillful and bold, could end up getting favored.




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