Donald Trump Goes One Step Further And Denies The Weather

Saying that it is “a thing of scientists that is not real,” the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has gone a step further in his denial of climate change and has now also denied that the climate exists. “We don’t live in the environment, we live in America,” he said in your Twitter account This week, where he also said that “it may be cold or hot, but that does not imply that what they call temperature is real.”

Juan Barbosa


“Water falls from the sky, but that is not proof that there is a system that connects the sea, evaporation and clouds in a very complex kind of conspiracy. It’s all a hoax, ”he said later in an appearance he held under a downpour. “I only see rays or trees that move, but from there to say that there are st orms or wind …”

Regarding the millions of teenagers who, spurred by Greta Thunberg, are demonstrating to take action in the face of the climatic emergency, Trump has said they are just a theory, not a fact. And over the rise in sea level, Trump has insisted that the ocean has not yet been proven as such.

Five things that can happen to your mobile if you run out of Android

1. It is possible for your mother to start speaking in Chinese in the WhatsApp group.

2. When you say: “Ok, Google,” a voice will respond: “I am not your maid, fool.”

3. The personal data that Google has of you will be outdated, they will think you are still married to Antonio.

4. The browser will only show TVE teletext.

5. Google Maps will be a black and white photo of the Campsa 1994 Guide.



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