Donald Trump Government Will Begin Sending Asylum Seekers From Mexico To Guatemala, According To BuzzFeed News – Guatevision

The report by journalist Hamed Aleaziz of BuzzFeed News reveals that the Trump administration will begin deporting Mexican citizens to Guatemala, including families, who arrive at the southern border of the United States in search of asylum.

This as part of an expansion of the migration cooperation agreement between the USA. UU. and Guatemala, which was signed in July 2019 and was implemented at the end of November of the same year.

The information refers that in recent days asylum officials from all over the United States received an email that includes a guide detailing how Mexicans would be included in this process.


Initially, asylum seekers were sent to El Paso, but later expanded to the Rio Grande Valley, according to documents that BuzzFeed News had access to.

He adds that at the end of December 2019, 43 asylum seekers from El Salvador and Honduras were sent to Guatemala in compliance with the immigration agreement and that although they would originally only send adults to the country, it was also extended to families on December 10.

A key plan

BuzzFeed News makes reference that the Trump administration considers the plan to be a key element in its strategy to deter migration on the southern US border. UU. and restrict entry to asylum seekers.

As defenders and asylum officers expressed to the media, this is a plan without predators that lacks legality and organization that will place migrants in dangerous circumstances.

More Mexicans at the border

The information shows that in the last months the Trump administration has been worried about the increase of Mexican citizens arrested at the border. In December 2019, Ken Cuccinelli, the second in command of the Department of Homeland Security, said that Mexicans could be sent to Guatemala as part of the immigration agreement.

“Mexico is dangerous; Guatemala is even more so. This expansion of the [agreement] continues to prevent legitimate asylum seekers from having their cases heard by the United States and sending them to the Guatemalan system, which has a dozen employees, ”said an asylum officer, who was not authorized to speak in public on the matter.

"Asylum in the United States is now virtually available only to rich and privileged people to obtain visas, excluding many of the most vulnerable groups seeking help at our borders."

According to BuzzFeed News, it will be the interview with the asylum officers that will determine if a person is eligible to be deported to Guatemala.

Immigrants are informed that they will be deported to Guatemala and that they can get protections there, rather than in the United States.



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