Donald Trump Has a Complicated Picture For Political Trial

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Things for Donald Trump because of the political trial against him are complicated Now a former collaborator that Trump "threw out" has a very strong power to exhibit him The former official will appear before Congress if ordered by the judge

Former national security adviser John Bolton "participated in many relevant meetings and conversations" for the political trial investigation conducted by the House of Representatives against President Donald Trump, which is not yet public, his lawyer said Friday.

Charles Cooper, a Bolton lawyer, made the statement in a letter that hints that Bolton will appear before Congress only if a judge orders it.

The letter, sent to the main lawyer of the House of Representatives, seeks to differentiate Bolton and former deputy advisor Charles Kupperman from other officials and former White House officials who have testified before political trial investigators.

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The letter reads that Bolton and Kupperman, unlike other witnesses, provided direct advice to President Trump on a regular basis and that during any appearance before lawmakers they would be asked to disseminate sensitive information on foreign policy and national security.

"After all, Dr. Kupperman was the deputy national security advisor to the president during the entire period of his research," the letter said. “The same is true, of course, with Ambassador Bolton, who was the president’s national security advisor and who was personally involved in many of the events, meetings and conversations about which they have already received a testimony, as well as many meetings and relevant conversations that until now have not been discussed in the testimonies ”

Kupperman was cited as part of the investigation that seeks to carry out a political trial, but sued the Democratic representatives and the Trump administration. He asked that a judge decide which guideline to follow: that of the Congress that orders him to testify or that of the White House that tells him not to do so? Bolton has not received an appearance order. Lawmakers scheduled an interview with Bolton on Thursday, but he didn't show up.

Cooper represents Bolton and Kupperman.

Although he has not given testimony, Bolton has represented a key piece during weeks of testimony, in which several witnesses have described episodes and conversations in which he was involved.

For his part, the president, Donald Trump, said today that there should be no public hearings in the investigation against him in the House of Representatives, while he has prevented his cabinet chief, Mick Mulvaney, from appearing before the committees that inquire about The case of Ukraine.

“They should not have public hearings. This is a farce, ”Trump said in press statements before embarking on a trip to Georgia.

That comment contrasts with the message of the president's allies, who until now had complained precisely about the lack of transparency of the investigation behind closed doors in the lower house committees, and arrives shortly before the first open testimonies begin and televised, next Wednesday.

The committees, led by the Democratic opposition, investigate whether Trump abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate one of his political rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter's business at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma



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