Donald Trump Has High Chances Of Being Re-elected: UPAEP | UN1ÓN

Derzu Daniel Ramírez Ortiz, research fellow of the Bachelor of International Relations at the Autonomous Popular University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP), said Donald Trump has served three years as head of the United States government, as a president with a high degree of disapproval from the beginning of its administration.

Despite these facts, the president is characterized by maintaining a constant degree of acceptance, which is between 40 and 45 percent, he said.

The academic commented that the president of the United States has fulfilled a large part of his political purposes, such as the T-MEC; the tightening of migration policies and that the National Guard of Mexico, exercise the function of Border Patrol on its southern border with Guatemala.


Donald Trump is solid, thanks to elements such as the theme of the United States economy, since he has managed to maintain levels close to full employment, that is, that the entire American population of working age easily gets a job. And as a fact, for 2018 the lowest level of unemployment in the last 50 years of the United States was recorded, which was 3.7 percent. ”

Derzu Daniel Ramírez said that the administration of Donald Trump has generated a very strong political polarization within the United States, which has caused “many American institutions to hit, limit and limit their own presidency. Although President Trump had the majority of his Republican party until November 2018, he was never approved for the construction of the wall, even though it was a proposal from him. ”

At the international level, Donald Trump has established a hostile relationship with different nations of the world, in economic, environmental and humanitarian support; as well as the tension that is lived with Iran.

And despite his controversial policy and personality, President Trump is still a very competitive politician with a high chance of being re-elected in this year 2020.



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