Donald Trump Has Joined Twitch

The president is seeking re-election as it happens and has now opened his Twitch channel to broadcast his campaign events.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly one of the most controversial characters on the internet. His vocation as a troll is undeniable but today he is the President of the United States. And today he also seeks to be re-elected for a second term.

Under that ambition something completely unexpected has just happened and it is that Trump out of nowhere yesterday just launched his official Twitch channel. Yes, you read that right, Donald Trump is now on Twitch.


The official site of the president was released to broadcast live and direct a campaign event in Minneapolis. Where to much surprise he managed to gather a good amount of virtual audience with more than 12 thousand spectators.

We all know that the main use of Twitch is for live video game streams. But occasionally there are also other events shown there, legally and illegally.

For example, Amazon's Thursday Night Football are already traditional in the place and have about 41,000 spectators in each streaming.

So in his premiere Trump achieved something relatively respectable but not spectacular. We have no idea if at any point the president will use Twitch for what was originally designed.

It seems unlikely that we will see him playing Fortnite or Apex Legends. Especially after he has not lost the opportunity to criticize video games for being violent and guilty of mass shootings.

But that audience he attacked is now the one he seeks to conquer. The irony has many layers.



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