Donald Trump: “I Learned a Lot From Richard Nixon”

Donald Trump said he learned from a fallen president of the United States not to fire those investigating possible wrongdoing, a day after the Justice Department said it wanted to drop the charges against his former adviser, Michael Flynn.

“I learned a lot from Richard Nixon. Don’t fire people, ”Trump said in an hour-long interview with Fox News on Friday morning. “I learned a lot. Study history”.

The Justice Department’s decision Thursday to drop the charges against former Homeland Security Adviser Michael Flynn for lying to FBI agents came after weeks of demands by Trump and his allies to repair what the President often calls a Democratic “deception” and a “witch hunt” with the intention of suffocating his Administration.


Trump, whose catchphrase phrase on his television show was “You are fired,” said Friday that he had refrained from dismissing many justice charges investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible involvement in his campaign. The exception, he said, was the removal of former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump said there were some differences between him and Nixon, who resigned from the presidency before being removed in 1974.

“Of course, there was a difference, a big difference,” Trump said. “First, he may have been guilty. And second, it had tapes all over it. I was not guilty. I did not do anything wrong. And there were no recordings. ”

The President added that he wanted recordings.



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