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Headquarters of the European Union, which had expressed concern about tariffs. (Photo: AFP)

According to the Office of the United States Foreign Trade Representative (USTR), these levies came into effect from 00.01 local time (04.01 GMT time) on October 18.

The EU export penalty came after the ruling in early October of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in favor of the US. for the illegal subsidies received by the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which authorized Washington to apply sanctions worth 7.5 billion dollars (about 6.9 billion euros) annually.


The EU, in turn, is waiting for the WTO to rule in a parallel case on US aid to Boeing and has warned the US. which will be forced to undertake similar countermeasures.

The four most affected countries are Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, but the levies will harm the rest of the economies of the single European market to a lesser extent, which has initiated a stage of greater tension between the United States and the European bloc.

According to the WTO ruling, the four most affected countries offered Airbus financing at a lower interest rate than the market, which allowed the company to develop some of its most recent and advanced models.

The list of products subject to additional import duties of 25% “ad valorem” focuses on products from Spain (fresh cheese, olives and olive oil, among others), but also from France (wine, cheese), Germany ( coffee, cookies, waffles), United Kingdom (whiskey, sweets) and Italy (cheeses), to which we must add others from more than twenty community countries.

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Among the items that affect the Spanish sector, several tariff codes related to olive oil, both virgin and other varieties, and boneless or stuffed green olives stand out.

Butter and, above all, cheeses occupy a good part of the list of codes, among which are those made with sheep's milk and other types such as cheddar, provolone, reggiano, parmesan, gruyere or emmental.

Pork – other than ham, shoulder, or its cuts – boneless and cooked and packaged in airtight containers, is also subject to the tariff increase proposed by the United States.

The beverage chapter focuses on a higher tax burden for wines of less than 14 degrees bottled, as well as Irish malt whiskey and Scotch whiskey.

On the products of the sea he mentions the shipments of mussels, clams, razors and other types of mollusks, both prepared and preserved.

In total, the Spanish Government has estimated at 841 million dollars the economic impact of the rise in tariffs, although it has specified that the amounts are not easy to specify and may vary over time, being "complicated" because the tariff codes that the US applies "are not the same" as those of Spain and the rest of the EU.

Trump himself warned on Wednesday that the United States "cannot lose" in a hypothetical trade war with the EU, as, according to him, has been demonstrated in its struggle with China.

“(With China) it has been shown that we cannot lose a war with tariffs. (…) In the case of the European Union we are earning 7.5 billion. And Italy has a percentage to pay, ”Trump told a joint press conference with his Italian counterpart, Sergio Mattarella, at the White House.

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