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If anyone believed that Trumpism was over, Catalonia has proven otherwise. Trump’s apprentices have perfectly withheld the lesson: Elections are only legitimate when you win, just as the courts only rule fairly when they agree with you. Otherwise, it is a secret conspiracy or worse still of the “deep state”, the deep state that Trump denounced as a conspiracy of diplomatic elites, military, secret services, media powers, to wrest democratic power from the people.

Trumpism does not conceive of an honest, and therefore legitimate, victory for the adversary. His right to stay in power is above the vote count. To the point that he has no explanation for the case that he can be beaten at the polls. When it happens, the elections have been rigged, the system is rotten, someone has surreptitiously put thousands of votes into the polls. Since he has no proof, as all the courts before which he challenged the results and all the reviews and recounts have shown, it is imperative that the Democrats prove that there has been no cheating.

In our case the play is even easier. The right to victory and the government is part of the identity of nationalism, be it the rightist and sometimes ultra of Puigdemont, or the nominally leftist of Junqueras. If the opposite occurs, it would be the result of the worst manipulation, comparable to the application of Article 155, a State operation.


The evocation of 155, article of provisional and partial suspension of self-government, has become a scarecrow. Rajoy applied it, remember it well, to call elections that allowed the nationalists to form a government again. He did so after Puigdemont proclaimed independence and abandoned his responsibilities as a leader. Those who agreed with such a measure, which lasted so long, seven long months, as it took the nationalists to agree to rule again, were stigmatized as enemies of Catalonia by nationalist infantilism.

It is true that self-government has deteriorated extraordinarily since then, but not as a result of the application of 155, but because of the flaws caused by the incompetence and inexperience of Quim Torra and his advisers, which added to the flaws caused by stupidity. and the recklessness of Puigdemont and his family with the unilateral declaration of independence and the flight of capital and companies, terrified by such folly.

If something has shown in these ten regrettable years, since Artur Mas set course for the Never Land, it is the ineptitude of independence: inept to achieve independence, inept to govern autonomy and inept to get out of the labyrinth in which he alone he has chosen to lose himself. Incapable of forging pacts and commitments between the pro-independence forces, it has not been able to organize the convocation of elections, as the twelve months that have elapsed since the end of the legislature remind us, enough time to modify the legislation, to prepare for elections in pandemic, as has been organized by countless countries, or at least to avoid a relaxation in the face of the virus that would complicate the elections.

And so on until the latest episode of such colossal ineptitude as the legal and political bungling of the decree of postponement sine die of the February 14 elections, suddenly suspended due to the panic reaction aroused by the electoral polls favorable to the PSC. They have not known how to do things well, but they have not proposed it either. It is clear that all this handful of useless leaders had their heads in other things, in their impossible chimeras, in their complex of victims, in their dreams of imaginary greatness. Inept and lazy.

Like the dog in the manger, who neither ate nor allowed to eat, the independence movement does not know how to govern but is terrified of the possibility, far away in my perception, that others are ruling. It trembles just thinking about salaries, subsidies, control of the media, the reviled autonomic power provided by the monarchical Constitution, in short, everything that could be lost if citizens punish them as they deserve.

The 155 only lacked the invention of the State Operation, the great conspiracy of judges, prosecutors and politicians to prevent the independence movement from remaining in power, denounced by Pere Aragonès, the candidate for president who has not been able to exercise when he could . These trumpisms may convince those already convinced, as happened in the US with the 74 million votes garnered by Trump. But they add a dose of mistrust in those who are not completely or are convinced otherwise, inside and outside of Catalonia, and this is the greatest unconscious flaw that Trumpism calls with its lies, to the point that its effects do not harm so much. only to those who practice it, if not it reverts to the detriment of all, which in this case are the Catalans as a whole.

Those who use these arguments, in a regression to the world of parallel realities imagined in the midst of the secessionist fever, do not realize that they are playing with their credibility as reliable political agents and lose sight of the authority they will need in the future for the inevitable pacts that They will take them out of the hole they have gotten into. And in this Trumpist drive, the differences between Puigdemont and Junqueras are imperceptible.



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