Donald Trump In Trouble For Revealing Informant Identity

Through Twitter, numerous criticisms have been received by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, after he revealed the identity of a man who is considered the whistleblower and informant who triggered the process of political trial that persecutes the president.

Due to the revelation of the identity of the informant, the US Republican Party asked Donald Trump to show more moderation in the aforementioned social network.

How did the controversy against the US president begin?


Donald Trump retweeted a publication that included the name and identity of the informant, who would be a CIA official, in the center of the Ukrainian scandal, an act that could violate the anonymity guaranteed by law to the complainants.

The US president will end 2019 as the third president in the history of the United States to be subjected to a impeachment process, after being accused of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, one of his rivals in his re-election nomination for 2020

It is unlikely that the accusation of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress led by the House of Representatives will be approved by the Senate, controlled by Republicans, in a trial that is expected to begin in January.

Donald Trump expects a trial date to be set.

After Donald Trump gave the informant's retuit and his identity, in the president's Twitter account (this Saturday morning) he stopped seeing each other, but criticisms of him continued to appear.

"While Trump has repeatedly backed efforts to unmask the whistleblower, his retuit marks the first time he directly sends the supposed name to his 68 million followers." The Democratic Coalition Political Action Group.

"The president, who uses his power and position to expose and implicitly threaten the whistleblower of Ukraine is, like so many other things he has done, completely out of place." Noah Bookbinder, who leads Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington ( Crew, in English).

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