Donald Trump Included Wakanda In His List Of Business Partners

Apparently, Donald Trump gets along with many countries. Even with those that do not exist. This week, a Twitter user realized that on the website of the United States Department of Agriculture there is a list of countries that are business partners of the United States and on that list appears Wakanda, the fictional country in which develops the story of Black Panther, from Marvel.

Until last week, the name of the fictional country continued to appear on the list. He had been there for six months with countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama or Peru.

The interesting thing is that the Twitter user who shared his finding also discovered that the United States had "commercial relations" with Wakanda and that live animals such as cows, buffalo, sheep, goats, turkeys or ducks had been exported.


Wakanda, in the list of countries of the Department of Agriculture.

“In recent weeks, those responsible for maintaining and reviewing the web of the traffic of goods were doing tests to ensure that the system works correctly. The information about Wakanda should have been removed after the tests, and now it doesn't appear on the web, ”they explain from the Department of Agriculture, implying that they used the name of the country of Black Panther to do tests on the web.

Wakanda, the fictional nation of Black Panther.

"I was just trying to decipher if it was someone in the Department of Agriculture making a joke or if the developer of the page had left the name by accident," said Francis Tseng, the tweeter who discovered the error.

According to NBC reports, the fictional country has already been removed from the page, but maintained a permanence of approximately six months without being detected by the users or the authorities.




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