Donald Trump Is Forgiving Huawei, But … Will He Have Android Again?

Huawei was at the center of the controversy after the US veto on the trade list. The decision, imposed by Donald Trump, meant that the Chinese company could not negotiate with other suppliers, including Google.

Therefore, users expressed concern about not being able to continue acquiring Huawei smartphones with the Android operating system, whose reach in the world is greater than other softwares.

After months of uncertainty, the US government has already granted licenses to some companies in the region so they can resume their business situation with Huawei according to Reuters.


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This means that the Chinese company can already count on technologies from other suppliers; however, so far, which ones have not been specified.

Thus, two companies involved in the situation, will be able to restore negotiations with Huawei, although 290 applications for licenses, not all are being approved. Some are presenting with negatives.

Donald Trump seeks to close a partial trade agreement with Xi Jinping, president of China and the news comes after the authorities extended the temporary license granted to Huawei for another 90 days so that the commercial relationship can be maintained until February of the following year.

So far, it is not known if Donald Trump will completely veto Huawei and the other US companies. Nor is it known if any of the suppliers with whom you can already restart deals, is Google, so we must wait for those two companies that will provide their technologies to the Chinese brand to be mentioned.

The Huawei alternative to Android

While the US problem is solved, Huawei has found ways to continue in the market without relying on trade agreements with other companies.

Although many speculated that HarmonyOS would be the software that would replace Android, Huawei really does not intend to completely disconnect from Google.

Therefore, Huawei wants both operating systems to work in a dumbbell, so their next devices could install Android and the development of the Chinese company.

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We hope that they will confirm which will be the suppliers that will be able to grant their technologies to Huawei, but, for the moment, there is no news that the company can continue commercially with Android.

Will Donald Trump manage to completely forgive Huawei?



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