Donald Trump Is “furious” About The Name Change Of The Cleveland Team

Former US President Donald Trump presented a public statement this Friday, expressing his complaint about the change of name of the baseball team “The Cleveland Indians” to “The Cleveland Guardians”, assuring that this destroys the culture and heritage U.S.

“The people of Cleveland shouldn’t be happy and I as a former baseball fan can’t believe things like this are happening. A small group of people with absolutely crazy ideas and policies are forcing this change to destroy our culture and heritage, ”said the former president.

Trump said the name change represents a disgrace and disrespect for the Indian community and culture in the US.


“Can anyone believe that the Cleveland Indians, a legendary and beloved baseball franchise since they took their name in 1915, are changing their name to ‘The Guardians’? It’s a disgrace,” Trump said.

The team announced the name change on Friday, with the new name taking effect at the end of the 2021 season.

The organization spent most of last year narrowing down a list of potential names that just over a month ago was still close to 1,200.

Meanwhile, the comments for and against the name change have not been long in coming on social networks.

“What a great message to his fans where beyond a name, they want to maintain their identity and roots in the city of Cleveland. They could not have done it better and with a gold medal for Tom Hanks, “said a Twitter user.

While another user expressed that: “the Cleveland Indians, in a wakeful attack, changed their name to Cleveland Guardians. Thus they destroy more than a hundred years of history ”.



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