Donald Trump Is Launched Against Robert Mueller: The President's Rage Speech Against The Special Prosecutor (and Teasing His Detractors)

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                    Donald Trump took the liberty of mocking the accent of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It was a speech in which the president of the United States, Donald Trump, seemed not to want to keep anything.

Before a crowd gathered at a rally this Saturday, the president launched one of the toughest attacks he has expressed against special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who investigates whether there was a collusion of his campaign with Russia.


It was one of the longest speeches of his presidency, in which he bitterly criticized the investigation of the special prosecutor.

And Mueller is expected to deliver his report to the attorney general within a few days.

5 keys to the investigation into Russia's alleged interference in the elections Trump won

"There is no conspiracy, so now they go and change to 'we are going to inspect every deal they have done.' We are going to see their finances, we are going to check their dealings. '

"Unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and leave people for a long time that they shouldn't be there, suddenly they try to get you out of the presidency with bullshit," the president continued.

For a long time, the president has described the investigation of the special prosecutor as "witch hunt."

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                    The president said that he was leaving the script of his prepared speech because that is something for which the people of the United States. He chose it.

And in this speech on Saturday, which lasted more than two hours, it also included strong attacks against former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former FBI Chief James Comey, the Democratic Party and those who criticize his approach to North Korea.

He even had time for Venezuela: "Socialism is not about the environment, it is not about justice, it is not about virtue, it is about the power of the ruling class. Look what happens in Venezuela and elsewhere."

Against his detractors

The rally came at the headquarters of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, where Trump lashed out at his detractors.

"This is how they chose me, for being out of the script … and if we don't get out of the script, our country is in big trouble, folks," he said.

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                    The president looked very loose during the two hours he spoke to conservatives in Maryland.

The president repeatedly dismissed Mueller, who "had never been voted" in elections, he said, as did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller in his post.

Rosenstein has said he plans to retire in March due to the president's frequent attacks.

Trump said Mueller was "the best friend" of former FBI chief James Comey, who has been a critical figure of the president.

Will Trump continue to "bulletproof" despite having been charged with a crime for his outcast Michael Cohen?

He also took advantage of the state to mock the accent of former Attorney General Sessions, who asked for his resignation last year.

He described it as "weak and ineffective," and that "he did not do what he should have done."

The charge continued

The president's attacks extended to many sectors of US politics.

He called the proposal called Green New Deal, launched by some Democrats as a radical attempt to combat climate change, as "the craziest plan" he would have heard

"When the wind stops blowing, that will be the end of its electricity," he said in reference to wind power.

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                    "We love you" and "Trump is our man" were some of the cheers released by the CPAC conservatives.

After a series of comments about immigrants who, according to him, must "love" their country, Trump said: "We have people in Congress who hate our country."

"And you know, we can name each one of them if they want," he told the crowd.

He also defended his summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, because he said that they had "made great progress" and that the country had "an incredible and bright future."

The speech came at the end of a difficult week for the president.

Trump's ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, called him "racist," "scammer" and "cheater" at a congressional hearing.

"He is a racist, scammer and cheater": the accusations against Donald Trump of his exbogado Michael Cohen

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