Donald Trump Is Ready To Fight Rocky Balboa

Today, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, took his official twitter account to post a funny picture of a montage of his very Rocky Balboa style. Although the president did not write any description for this publication, social network users h ave perfectly understood that the Republican leader is ready to fight.

Donald Trump in the world of boxing

It is no secret that the president is a faithful follower of this sport, even, almost a year ago, he announced his wishes to face Vladimir Putin in a ring.


Your passage through WWE

Likewise, the President became a great WWE star, because, in 2011, Trump was part of the 23rd edition of Wrestlemania: ‘The battle of the billionaires’, where he was responsible for shaving Vince McMahon

For 2017, Trump returned to WWE quadrilaterals, where he was the victim of several movements characteristic of the sport, making Stone Cold the only man who was able to apply a key to the president.

Despite being the largest president in the United States, it is not possible that Donald Trump has strived to become a personality in the entertainment and sports industry.



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